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Jun 19, 2013 4:00pm EDT
the downside risks to the economies have diminished. that's certainly good news. the economy is improving. then they went on to say, mr. bernanke reiterated, the fed may taper bond purchases at the end of the year and finish by mid-2014. that was a little more flesh on the bones of their plan there. that was the important part of that. stocks and bonds dropped on that. the dow jones industrials average. we have ended at the lows of the day, down about 200 points in the dow. that started dropping -- even though we were down before 2:00, the slide accelerated as mr. bernanke began speaking at 2:30 on the press conference. bonds took it on the chin. take a look at the agg. this is the bond etf, the largest one that's out there. that's an aggregate of the total bond market. this is now essentially sitting at a two-year low. let's move on. low inflation, not great necessarily. for gold. gold took it on the chin as well. take a look at gold. gold is also closing right near two-year lows. these are intraday charts. but gold is near a two-year low right now. other commodities dropped as well toda
Jun 21, 2013 4:00pm EDT
suggest that the economy's doing better. if we continue to escalate a lot higher, like we have been -- i mean, we're up 87 bips on the 10-year in a month and a halftime. if we continue with that pace, that's what will cause the volatility, i think you want to use the volatility to pick out long-term themes -- in housing, aerospace, the industrials, and even start to look at the defensive stocks as they come down. >> rebecca, part of the issue for the markets has been currencies, has been credit, obviously. i mean, the dollar soaring against all currencies, right? euro, brazil, across the board. >> i think the dollar is likely to stay strong. the u.s. interest rate trend, i think, is going to be with us for a while. maybe not 30 years like falling interest rates were. but it could be for a couple of years. and so, if we're in that environment where you have rising interest rates, a stronger dollar, weaker commodity prices, when you think about the u.s. stocks you want to own, you want to think about names that are going to do well in a strong dollar, weak commodity environment. there are
Jun 20, 2013 4:00pm EDT
tapering i think will be symbolic. we have inflation high and i don't think to the economy is quite making it out what the fed is meant to be. i think we will see a bounce back here. >> would you say you want to buy here or wait and see if things settle out in more after wash-out? >> i would start to get money involved here. even during the run-up waiting for an opportunity to get into the market. here is an opportunity. you don't have to put everything in but it is time to move some money back into the market, cheaper valuations here. >> michael pento, how do you see it? >> first of all, mr. bernanke is a very confused man. he launched qe4 in january. january of this year. not only six months later, not even six months later, he lowers his growth forecast, takes down dramatically, his inflation outlook, and then for the first time ever, outlines a time line where he's going to get out of his quantitative easing strategy. so he surprised a lot of people on wall street and i got news for mr. bernanke. he does not control long-term interest rates and he has this economy 100% addicted to his
Jun 18, 2013 4:00pm EDT
'll give the economy before it decides to reduce the monthly asset purchases. to me, the market has kind of adjusted its own expectations both for the worse and better, much more than the fed's message has changed. so i feel like it's really a lot of suspension been drained out of this meeting. by the way, the market itself, the treasury yields have calmed down. >> all right. amy, let me ask you in terms of allocating capital. where are you seeing the flow right now in terms of putting money to work? where is the conviction out there? what sector? >> well, hi, maria. from an options perspective, it's pretty interesting, because i think a lot of folks out there would say the fed's probably not going to say too much tomorrow. it may delay things out later. our own house view is for an october tapering session. however, from the options point of view, you've actually seen short-term term structure come up. so to translate that, that's basically saying near term, more volatility is expected relative to the outer terms. so the options market is actually expecting something for tomorrow, and y
Jun 17, 2013 4:00pm EDT
. the economy is mediocre at best, but even having said all that, that stocks have raced ahead of some of the weakness in the high yield bond market, to me i think still one of the best features of stocks when i talk to individual, and importantly, investors there are still a misuse of stocks when companies are generating an 8% return on equity, and if we get that 10% correction, just grind your way through it, fight your way through it and buy what you thought was too expense ive tod. >> that's an interesting point, because on the feds tapering, that's basically what people are trying to navigate around. rick santelli, give us your sense of what we hear out of bernanke tomorrow and wednesday? >> you can't get hd quality picture on a 1953 philco tv. that's the way i look at it. the markets are looking for answers to an exit strategy that can't be had. some people blame communications. i don't blame communications. i think these programs in their triggers for an exit and the relationships that the fed is trying to fine-tune with this rate of unemployment, this degree of growth in the ec
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5